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Keep Your Business Safe

Update your employees with the latest news, any new developments, and health regulations.  Take precautions in order to provide a safe environment for your staff and customers.

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Postpone Events, Services, and Appointments

If you offer ant services that require face-to-face meetings, it may be best to postpone these services to later dates.  Being flexible with your scheduling is key at this point in time.  If you offer membership plans, it could be helpful to extend those plans the period of time that they cannot use them.

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Be Transparent with Customers

Communication.   We all now how important communication is.  Here are some ways to keep your customers feeling safe and knowledgeable on what your business is doing to counteract this virus.

  • Have a live chat on your website to communicate with customers!

  • Email Marketing helps with reaching your customer base with any more information that they may need.

  • Do you have a Forum on your website?  This can create a sense of community for your customers.

  • Reach your customers through SOCIAL MEDIA!!

(More information on penetrating your business through social media found at the bottom of the page).

Online Shopping


  • Make your services virtual

  • Sell goods online

  • Livestream on social media accounts



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